Race Schedule

2017/18 Race Schedule

Goms, Switzerland (Swiss Cup)

  • December 2nd: Skate Sprint
  • December 3rd: 7.5 k Classic

Davos, Switzerland (World Cup)

  • December 9th: Skate Sprint
  • December 10th: 10k Skate

Toblach, Italy (World Cup)

  • December 16th: 10k Skate
  • December 17th: 10k Classic Pursuit

Anchorage, Alaska (US Senior Nationals)

  • January 3rd: Skate Sprint
  • January 5th: 10k Skate
  • January 7th: 20k Classic mass start

Dresden, Germany (World Cup)

  • January 13th: Skate Sprint
  • January 14th: Skate Team Sprint

Planica, Slovenia (World Cup)

  • January 20th: Classic Sprint
  • January 21st: 10k Classic

Seefeld, Austria (World Cup)

  • January 27th: Skate Sprint
  • January 28th: 10k Skate mass start

Pyeongchang, South Korea (Olympic Winter Games)- Hoping to qualify for & race these!!!!

  • February 10th: 15k Skiathlon
  • February 13th: Classic Sprint
  • February 15th: 10k Skate
  • February 21st: Skate Team Sprint
  • February  25th: Classic 30k mass start

Anchorage, Alaska

  • March 4th: Tour of Anchorage 50k!

Crafstbury, Vermont (US Spring Nationals)

  • March 23rd: Classic Sprint
  • March 24th: 10k Skate
  • March 25th: 4 x 5 k Mixed Team Relay
  • March 27th: 30k Skate